I’m going to try and post my sessions weekly from now until the race in Kona in 10 weeks time. My main focus for the next couple of weeks is get back into consistent swim/bike/run training and build strength on the bike whilst my running volume is still limited.

Weekly totalsScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 11.17.48


The week started with the masters swim session at JCC and then a TT ride later in the morning.

Swim was 3.2km and the set consisted of:
1 km on 16 mins
5 x 200m on 3mins 15secs
6 x 100m on 2mins
8 x 50m (max) on 90secs 

On the bike I rode out to the Pool Triangle TT route and completed 3 laps at increasing intensity with 3 minutes easy pedalling between each lap. It’s a lumpy route of 12 miles. Lap 1 @ 296W, Lap 2 @308W, Lap 3 @ 330W. I went round the third lap in 28.55 which is 20 seconds slower than my PB (but I was in normal road kit and no aero gear). I’d like to go sub 28mins before the end of the year.

Swim = 60 minutes, 3.2k
Bike= 2h06mins, 78km


I got to the pool early to do a technique session but just felt shattered from the start. I was yawning at every turnaround so decided to ditch the session and recover instead.

Swim= 12mins (650m of technique work and swimming with a band)


Staying in the North Yorkshire Moors for a few days meant that I had some new roads to ride, but also a lack of knowledge about where to ride. I planned a route that was an out and back on the road between Thornton-le-Dale and Whitby. The hills were short but steep and my plan was to stick it in the big ring for 90 minutes and power up the hills to work on leg strength at a low cadence. A quality ride in a short amount of time.



In the evening I spent 25 minutes doing run drills around the fields at the cottage we were staying at.

Bike = 1h23 mins, 46km
Run = 25 minutes drills and leg conditioning


Following a similar route to Wednesday’s ride, I headed out towards Whitby and over Goathland Moor. A stunning ride at 8am with virtually no cars on the road for over 2 hours. I rode without breakfast and only took 2 bottles of water with the aim of building efficiency at fuelling on fat. The ride was harder than I planned but I felt comfortable with the restricted nutrition before and during the ride.

In the afternoon I swam in the sea at Hunmanby Beach and was accompanied by a couple of seals who seemed a little bemused by my presence in the otherwise empty sea. I swam for half an hour and included some fartlek pyramids which consisted of 30 strokes hard, 30 strokes easy, 25 strokes hard, 25 strokes easy, 20 strokes hard, 20 strokes easy, 15 strokes hard, 15 strokes easy, 10 strokes hard, 10 strokes easy, 5 strokes hard, 5 strokes easy. I find these really help with conditioning for race situations as I get comfortable changing which is often required in a race. I wasn’t interested in my distance for this swim as just wanted to spend time in the water and the pyramids added quality to the session.

Bike = 2h16 mins, 64km
Swim = 32 mins, 2km’ish


Easy recovery day today. I just did a 30 minute run on the canal in the evening, again focusing on run drills. 10 mins run out, 10 mins drills, 10 mins run back building pace.

Run = 30 mins of run and drills


Back in the pool at Survival Saturdaymaster’s session. A beast of a two hour swim but the perfect preparation for an Ironman swim.

The set today was 6km in total, made up of:

12 x 150m drills
24 x 100m (alternating 1.30, 1.45 turnaround)
400m on 8mins (best pace)
4 x 100m on 2mins (beat average for 100m splits from the 400)
400 on 8 mins (repeat as above)
8 x 50 on 60 secs (beat average for 100m splits from the 400)

I’m continuing to make progress in the water and this was the first time I’ve passed the 6km mark in 2 hours, aswell as hitting some new pb’s in the 400’s* and 100’s*.

*technically not a PB with a 5 second draft but I’ll still claim the 5.40 and 1.17

After a double portion of porridge post -swim I went out on the TT bike in the afternoon. The main purpose of the session was to hit some intervals above threshold. After 90 mins of riding keeping my power relatively steady I finished the last hour with 6 x 5 mins at above threshold. The power in the first and last of the intervals was a bit varied as the road was rolling but the middle four were dialled in around 400W up and down main road out of Otley. A solid session after the morning’s effort in the pool.

Swim= 6km, 2 hours

Bike= 2h45mins, 93.2km


Today’s ride was planned to be a 5+ hour aerobic ride but after two mechanicals after less than 2 hours me and Rich decided to call it a day. 25 miles of slipping and sliding on the canal tow path in the rain was an interesting end to the ride and we were proper filthy by the time we were home.

Decent coffee stop to semi-rescue the ride

I topped off the ride with a 30 mins brick run (again with some drills in the middle 10 mins) and building pace to finish the last 10 mins.

Bike= 3h26, 83.5km

Run= 30 mins


2 thoughts on “FIRST POST – TRAINING FOR KONA – WEEK 1 of 10

    1. Hi Martin, I don’t use TSS as a target setting tool. I structure my plan around consistency, specificity and progression in the sessions over time and only use TSS as an indicator of easier weeks over build weeks. I don’t believe TSS itself is a particularly accurate figure to monitor training benefit as TSS can be accumulated in different ways (e.g. long steady aerobic or anaerobic intervals) and the training benefit would be entirely different.


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