The updates are going to come thick and fast this week as I’ve got behind… again…. due to the commitments of work, study, life and training. Thinking back to two weeks ago to write out my executed plan is a real struggle, so much is going in my life right now that every day is different. The only constant variable is that I’m able to put aside around 3-4 hours a day to train and spend good quality “recovery” time.

The summary for this week is brief and I will try to be more detailed in weeks to come.

Weekly totals

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 20.09.29


Bank holiday Monday was an extended swim session at John Charles masters. A 90 minute swim and about 4.5km completed but I can’t remember now what the set was.

Later in the afternoon I made the most of the windy conditions and headed out on the TT bike for a steady spin. Nothing special about the ride, just time in the saddle and getting familiar with riding in the wind.

Swim= 1hour 30mins
Bike= 2hours 30 mins


A tasty session on Trainerroad consisting of 5×5 mins @ VO2 effort followed by a planned 30 mins at 90% FTP. The additional 30 minutes were an added extra to my usual VO2 max intervals and it was tough but manageable and luckily Bron came home and gave me an excuse to finish the session early and pack up the bike from the lounge!

Bike= 1hour 20 mins


It was Bron’s midweek day off so we made the most of the day together and heading up to the Yorkshire Dales to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

A couple of years ago we walked it in around 11 hours and were both fed up and bored by the end of it and said we’d much rather have ran it. So this time, with our trail shoes, we planned to stomp the uphill stretches and run the rest. The weather was wet and miserable as we set off from Horton in Ribblesdale but it brightened up nicely throughout the day. We made an estimated guess we’d take around 8 hours and were surprised to complete the run in a touch over 6 hours (plus 30 minutes for photo stops and some snacks).



A few take homes from the day:

  • Quick walking and running for 6 hours is easier than walking for 11 hours
  • Hornets are like wasps on steroids. Scary!
  • Kelham Farm shop outside Skipton do the best scotch eggs in the world
  • Bron is going to smash her trail marathon in 2 weeks time. She was running so strongly right to the end of the route.


At the top Ingleborough, it was all down hill from here
Bron got the duty of carrying the larger bag!
The unwelcome beastly hornet!!

A brilliant day out and the time spent on our feet will be great conditioning as a replacement for the long runs I haven’t been able to do due to injury.

Hike/run = 6 hours, 39km


An easy recovery day today with just a short swim with drill work and 400m swimming with a pull buoy and a band.

Followed this up with an easy 40 minutes spin on the turbo later in the day.

I definitely the effort of yesterday in my legs today. Especially around my hips which were so tight.

Swim = 22 mins
Bike = 40mins


Another day to recover in preparation of a big day planned tomorrow. The pilates class was a good way to unwind at the end of the day. Especially as we spent half of the class working on mobility and stretching. Just what I needed as my hips were still very tight and my quads were not very happy with me either.

Pilates = 1 hour


A key BIG day today with Ironman+ distance swim and bike and finished with a hard run.

5.5 km swim to start the day. A quick change and refuel with a race prep breakfast of a bowl of porridge and banana (I’d also have a side dish of scrambled eggs pre-race but I didn’t today as I wanted to get out on the road quickly).

I was then out on to the bike with a target to ride a minimum of 6 hours or 200 km’s. The plan for the session was to ride 4 hours steady and then finish with a two hour block of intervals above race effort to finish the ride. I’d mapped out a route that would avoid any main traffic routes so could spend maximum time in the aero position and minimal stops. I rode with my planned nutrition for Kona which was:

  • 2 large bottles of my own carb mix (circa 600 cals per bottle)
  • homemade flapjack (tastes so good – almost too good as I can easily eat half a batch in one go!!)
  • 2 x bags Powerbar caffeine shots
  • 2 x gels
  • (this isn’t in the race plan but I had a quick shop stop for a Double Decker bar and a bottle of Dr Pepper)
  • This doesn’t account for the extra water I’ll be picking up at aid stations in the race too.

The 4 intervals of 15 minutes were each done at around 325 Watts which is way above my target for Ironman. I’ve always backed myself to ride well and after this ride I feel even more confident in being able to push hard to the end of the bike in Kona.


Off of the bike and I went straight into a 5km run at “empty the legs” pace. My Garmin watch was dead and my phone wasn’t picking up GPS but it was around 5.5km in 20 minutes.

Swim = 1h50mins
Ride =6 hours (with 4 x 15 minutes @ 320W)
Run= 20 minutes


I was wiped out today and my planned hour long run was reduced to a very steady plod around Temple Newsam. My legs were absolutely empty and I was almost reduced to a walk on the one hill. I certainly feel like I’ve put the run injuries behind me though as this was yet another pain free run and I felt no negative effect of the hard effort of the brick run from yesterday.

Run = 30 minutes

It was a brief summary this week and I would like to think that over the next few weeks I will be able to find more time to update in more detail of my training and how I’m feeling in the run up to the race.

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