Weekly totals

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 09.15.46


Training was not a priority today as I had my PhD viva in Sheffield. It just happens that the pool is on my way to the motorway to Sheffield so I still went to the masters swim session on my way. My best intentions to get to the pool for the doors opening so that I could get an extended warm up from 6.45 to 7 before the session started didn’t work out and I just got there on time for 7am. It was a perfect set to do in a hurry made up of:

1 x 800 on 12.30
2 x 400 on 6.15

That’s all I had time for then headed on my way to what turned out to be a very successful defence of my PhD thesis and I was awarded my doctorate! Absolutely delighted with this after 3 (and a bit) years of hard work.

My legs were feeling tired from the hard run on Sunday and I was giving myself a day off the bike or run. Before going out for a celebratory meal and drinks I did 45 minutes of strength and core work in the gym. We went to the Hungry Bear in Meanwood which is my favourite and most visited restaurant in Leeds. I even broke my recently introduced rule of no desserts as their cheesecake is amazing!

Swim= 30 minutes
S&C = 45 mins


After a few beers and glasses of champagne last night I wasn’t really feeling up to a full hours swim set so went to the pool at Virgin Active and did my own technique based session.

500 wu
1000m of band and pull buoys as 50’s and 100’s

By the evening I was feeling a bit more revitalised and went out for a hilly spin on the road bike around Otley and Ilkley. I was still feeling a bit flat but the hills kept me honest and forced to put some power through the pedals.

Swim = 30 minutes
Bike = 1 hour 50 minutes


Back at John Charles for masters session again in the morning. I can’t remember what the full set was but I recall it being a lot of 100’s at various short turnarounds.

After a quick breakfast at the café, myself and Charles –inspirational athlete who raced at Kona a couple of years ago and is now refining his craft as a sprint triathlete 😉 – hit the treadmill at the gym and ran a set of decreasing pace intervals

12 x 3 minutes with 1 min rest between each
3  @ 3.50 min km’s
3  @ 3.50 min km’s
3  @ 3.50 min km’s
1 @ 3.25 min km’s
1 @ 3.20 min km’s
1 @ 3.15 min km’s

Each of the intervals was well below Ironman pace and it didn’t really feel under pressure in the intervals until we were down to 3.20 and 3.15 pace. I’ll repeat this session a couple more times before heading over to Kona as it’s a comfortable way to build in speed work at threshold. The scone for breakfast was good fuel for this.

I wouldn’t normally back up a hard session like this run set with another workout in the same day but in the evening I set up the turbo and completed a sweetspot session that I know would be manageable but beneficial. With relatively short intervals of 88-94% of FTP and in the lower cadence range, this was a great workout for building leg strength at race intensity. Really pleased with 3 tough session completed in the day.

Swim = 1 hour
Run = 1 hour
Bike = 1 hour


Another week of 4 consecutive swims Monday to Friday. Again the session at JCC was coached by Andy Learmonth and a similar structure with an abundance of kick drills and fly! One day I will learn to fly, but not until the winter. I might also learn to tumble turn and can then call myself a real swimmer!!! (And not a triathlete who swims!).

In the evening I did a 2 hour turbo session all at tempo pace of 80—85% FTP. It’s an extension and up to no I hadn’t attempted the full 2 hours. I felt great on the bike and then got off and ran 10km along the canal finishing the second half quicker than the first.


Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 09.21.59
Consistent drop in pace

I finished off the day with my weekly visit to the Chiropractor. One thing I’ve learnt recently is that it pays to look after your body especially when training so frequently. I’ve been seeing Chris Binks at Broadgate Chiropractic Clinic in Horsforth ( for a few months and the treatment has really helped my back and ankle pain. Chris has been a triathlete in the past so knows the demands that training for a triathlon has on the body.

Swim = 1 hour
Bike = 2 hours
Run = 40 minutes


An easier day today starting in the gym with Chris Wray (well worth checking out his services for PT, mobility sessions and trigger point massage I went one set too far with the deadlifts and pulled my back and had some fearful thoughts that I’d done something serious. I quickly ended the session after that and I was moving gingerly for the rest of the day but with some stretching and moving around it had loosened up by the evening.

S&C = 1 hour


I’d planned a 5+ hour outdoor ride but the weather was grim in the morning so I set up the turbo instead. Using Best Best Split I downloaded the Kona bike course profile and set up the file to ride in TrainerRoad. I then rode 4 hours of the course at my planned race effort. I skipped the last 35 minutes of the ride (yes, Best Bike Split has my predicted bike time for Kona down to 4h35 minutes, which I’d love to be accurate…). We’ll find out on 13th October how possible this is. Straight off the bike I was out of the door for a 11km brick run. The run felt really good.


Spectator whilst I was on the bike
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 09.22.44
What I’d like my power profile to look like in Kona
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 09.30.37
A quick 1km to finish 

Bike = 4 hours
Run = 40 hour


Open water swim followed by a long run. I haven’t been in the open water for a few weeks and thought I’d should get one more swim in the lake done in the UK before the race. This is my last open water swim before the tropical waters of Kona and I won’t miss the chills!

Straight after the swim I got into my run gear and did my long run for the week. No focus on pace with this, I just wanted to run 90 minutes and mainly on trails. I didn’t enjoy any of the run and just got the distance covered around Temple Newsam. I really hate running in the wind and it was made even worse as my feet were frozen from being in the lake!

Swim = 30 minutes
Run = 90 minutes

Another big run week in the bank with 4 runs, with a lot at faster than IM race pace.

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