Weekly totals

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 It was a great endurance focused swim set today consisting of 8 x 400m off of 6.30.

The rest of the day was a recovery day after the weekend with no bike or run, although I went to the gym to do some light mobility work and stretching.

Swim = 1 hour
Gym = 45 mins


Drills, drills and IM drills at masters session.

It was a really windy day and in the afternoon I went out one of my regular TT routes up the A65 to Skipton. I threw in a few 5-6 minutes efforts during the ride and the last hour I focused on riding at race intensity.

Swim = 50 minutes
Bike = 2h30 mins


Today was almost a replica of last Wednesday. I swam first thing in the morning (the 3.1 km set was mainly made up of 100m’s and 200’s). Straight after the swim I went on the treadmill and repeated the session from last week with 2 extra intervals so I completed 14 x 3 mins descending from 3.50 mins per km. Running indoors is preparing me for the sweat drenching I’ll get on the Queen K on race day!



I then did the 1 hour turbo session again in the evening. My legs felt pretty spanked after the morning run, but as I’d completed this triple header last week, I knew I just had to push a little bit to finish it.

Swim = 1 hour
Run = 1 hour
Bike = 1 hour


It’s not often that I can’t finish a session but today was one of those days. I’d planned a turbo session of 5 x 20 mins @ sweetspot which is about 90% of FTP. I was midway through the first interval and my legs were zapped. It was probably the culmination of the last 2 harder days and I was also tired as I’ve only been getting about 7 hours a night recently. I struggled through to the end of the first interval and the second interval was just hell. Bron was around in the lounge and wouldn’t let me stop whilst I was riding…. “suffer now to make it easier tomorrow”, “pain is your friend” were some of her mutterings, and I managed to finish the second interval. I was being stubborn now and wouldn’t get off the bike until I’d done over half of the session so that got me through the third interval. By the fourth interval my legs were feeling better than the first and second intervals but I’d pushed myself mentally quite hard and was happy to have got this far and called it a day happy that I’d pushed myself when I could have stopped.

Another visit to the chiropractor in the evening to push and click my body back into place.

Bike = 1h50 mins


I woke up tired and lethargic and decided not to swim this morning so went to the gym for an easy stretch and mobility session with the foam roller.

Gym = 1 hour  


Absolutely nailed my long run today. We were at a wedding in the afternoon and evening so I was out early in the morning to run and repeated I session that I ran in the summer last year before Ironman Wales. It was 4 x 4km repeats at a tempo to threshold pace. Faster than Ironman race pace but not an all out effort. I had this done as a key session that I wanted to run leading into Kona to compare my run form to last year.  With 4km splits of 15.26, 15.05, 15.13 and 14.38,  I’m definitely where I want to be 3 weeks out from the race. Each of these splits were 30 seconds to 1 minute faster then last year.

Loving these splits

The wedding in the afternoon was an amazing day too and I definitely forgot about the race coming up as I enjoyed the evening!!



Another day of rest today as I was out at Sheffield 10km road race to support Bron’s sister and family members who were running to raise money for Lincolnshire Air Ambulance. This is a cause very close to the family and we are doing a number of events over the next 6 months to raise money for the charity.


Overall, the volume of sessions looks light this week but they were packed with quality.  I also had 2 full days off at the end of the week, which at this stage of my plan were much needed and freshened up my legs going into the final three weeks and the taper.


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