About me

I’m a long-time runner and cyclist and a late developer to swimming. From a young age, I was always very active and I took part in a wide variety of sports through my childhood. In school I was a member of every sports team available and outside of school I travelled the country at weekends to race through the forests and across the fells in orienteering competitions.

I love being outdoors and pushing myself further, faster and for longer. In my teens I continued along the path of endurance running and competed in mountain marathons and endurance events but a number of injuries forced me to stop running. After spending a few years in the sporting wilderness (enjoying the social side of university) I picked up my first road bike. The red Bianchi started my love affair with cycling and we haven’t looked back! 

Soon afterwards I was encouraged by friends to have a go at a triathlon and I signed up to take part in an Olympic distance race at Dorney Lake. My swimming was woeful and in my first visit to the pool I could barely manage 50m of front crawl without my arms feeling like they were falling off! Since that first Olympic distance race I’ve been hooked on triathlon (and duathlon) and have raced at all distances from sprint to Ironman.

Since starting in triathlon 10 years ago I have been self-coached and I have made sustained progress in each of the three disciplines. In recent years my goals have evolved from completing an Ironman to qualifying for the Ironman World Championships. In 2018 I made this goal a reality, finishing 3rd in my age group at Ironman Nice and qualifying to compete at the Ironman World championships in Kona in October 2018.